Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinterest Dinner!

So if you know me I LOVE to cook I come from a family who cooks. My family and I decided once a week we'll try something from pinterest. So Today it's Chicken and Steak!

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

now my family isn't huge on spice so I used regular mustard because apparently brown mustard is more spicy. I followed the directions and it's really simple. In the directions it tells you to cook it on medium to medium-high heat. I recommend to cook it on medium because it almost burnt our chicken real bad! I had to transfer it to another pan. Also, If you're not a big fan of spice, don't add the red peppers or the paprika. It had a little kick but my dad and I thought it was alright. My mom who has a very sensitive stomach and taste bud it was almost too spicy for her. Here's how my chicken turned out:
Note that i added the sauce in the pan instead of removing it, we normally just grab our food straight from the pan to create less dishes.

Also on the menu tonight is....

Steak with Shallot Butter and Balsamic Sauce

Now, I had to wait till my parents arrived home so what I did was have the oil and butter ready in a pan unheated. I seasoned the steak and in a small container had the rest of my ingredients ready. Now, my family is just barely jumping on the whole fresh ingredients wagon so I used dried parsley. Oh my goodness! Now, I've become the steak expert of the family, I know how to cook a juicy steak! We're also from Texas so I wasn't sure about the whole not using rub on steak but it ended up working out! I covered the steak when I was cooking it although it doesn't say so in the directions.
 I also made a couple "mistakes" I had my butter and oil all ready to go and you're only suppose to soften the butter but by the time I was going to get started it had melted. And, I added the garlic AND balsamic vingar at the same time but it had no affect. Here's how my steak ended:
not the best looking picture... but it was amazing!

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