Friday, September 28, 2012

A short goodbye to Texas???

So I'm currently suffering a bad flare of my IBS... right now feels more like Crohn's but basically i'm having stomach issues. I saw my doctor today and he wants to see if he can get me into Mayo Clinic. For those of you who don't know Mayo Clinic is a St Jude's for rare/crohnic/multiple illnesses. They have 3 locations Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

This is ver overwhelmming for me because most liekly only one parent can come while the other one stays and work. Money onviously is a big factor and i gotta leave home.... home where both my parents are, family comes and visit, my dog, and boyfriend is.... all of which keep me going... I'm really scared and although it hasn't been confirmed yet if i'm going... it's scary... Its proven time and time again at home comfort helps me heal the most. And we dont know how long i'll have to be at whichever place i go...

This is really heavy on me i can't sleep.... More updates to follow but please keep us in your prayers... idk how we're gonna make it but we will....

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