Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chicken Parmesan Bake!

The original post here (direction on the video)

This was really simple to make and whats great is the guy pretty much "eye balled" his recipe so you can do the same. So if you love sauce add more sauce, love cheese add more choose or have less. Now as I'm typing this my house is slowly filling with the aroma of the sauce and mmm mmm mmm! does it smell good!

Now my mom and I have a sensitive stomach so we weren't sure how our stomachs would hold up. It ended up being a dish we loved and our stomachs too!

My only tips would be be prepared for more than the reciepe calls. My dish was larger than the one in the reciepe so ended up using more than the recipe called and that's with going lite on sauce and everything.
This is how ours turned out mmmm was it so good!
Rachael Ray 4.25-Qt. Casseroval Dish (Google Affiliate Ad)

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