Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hey yall!

So a bunch of new and exciting (at least to me) things are on the horizon! I'm working on some blog post but these will be my last post on here. But don't worry! It doesn't mean I'm stopping I'm just switching platforms! I'm still setting up my website but if yall could go over and give it a follow and help me transition that would be awesome! I will be working towards self hosting which will help me in the long run. There's this one product that I cannot wait to tell yall about! 

I guess an update is due as well! As yall know that Affordable Care Act a.k.a. ACA a.k.a. Obama Care has been repealed, I'm blest enough to say this does not affect me personally, at least not yet. So that's good news but just don't get me started on the topic! 

I am in the process of being retested for several illnesses that I was tested for in the beginning of this journey. One of which is fibromyalgia which a lot of my fellow spoonies are pretty sure since I have tell tale signs of it. Bittersweet it's another at least I'll have a diagnosis because treatment is complicated and of course, there's no cure. We're dealing with some problems to see specialist but it sounds like we finally spoke to the right people this week to clear things up

I am working on my disability application (ugh!) which is required of me to keep my insurance under my dad coming my birthday this year. I will be under medicaid which is state insurance under disability and then, after awhile I will be put on medicare which is state. Medicaid will become my primary and tricare (military insurance) will become my secondary.  Definetly need prayers there because usually you are denied a couple times before recieving it and you sometimes go to "court" If anyone has any experience with this or you yourself are going through this or will go through this please contact me so we can work together!

As for the family, we're hanging in there. Yet again we have been struck by craziness, our breaker for our AC/heater gave out so we are relying on space heaters and fans in this crazy, let's go through every season, Texas weather. We're having to keep an eye on money but we will survive! It's driving us a little batty that we keep getting punched in the gut finacially but there's not much we can do. We push forward, trust God, and lean on each other. Other than that mom and dad are keeping busy with work and helping me out.

How are YOU doing? oh and here's my new blog link! Still working on everything but at least you can go follow it so you know when I start posting things!

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