Saturday, February 20, 2016

I am Beyond Broken

God I feel like I'm being dramatic but ask anyone who's been around me lately and apparently I'm doing really good or better than they think someone in my situation would. I feel like that's supposed to count for something but it doesn't feel like it. Honestly, it's kinda frustrating because I feel like no one gets where I truly am. I lasted longer than when I had my first breakdown but since then I just crashed and I crashed hard.... so much so that my emotions and depression are so out of control I don't feel myself

But first a PSA: PLEASE STOP ASKING ME ABOUT MY NEUROSTIMULATOR SITUATION!! Sorry for the CAPS but I just can't deal with it right now and talking about it over and over and over again. If yall have questions feel free to ask my parents, If you have me on facebook my parents are listed as family members and you can message them. If you follow my support page leave a comment or message, my dad helps run the page and he can contact you.

If yall know me yall know I can put a positive spin on anything well, just about anything. As a spoonie we come to terms that our body have failed us and at some point it comes to an epic proportion where we're like ok I get it you can stop now. But rarely does it get so bad that it's like ok the whole world gets the point now....

I met with my neurosurgeon recently and surprise! My nylon stitches were irritating my skin so yeah those suckers came out even if my body wasn't ready, thankfully it was.

I keep flashing back to random things that have been told to me this last year on this neurostimulator journey... coming in at #1 "the good thing is the most natural thing your body can do is heal"-my neurosurgeon. Of course he had no clue that I would be his 2nd patient EVER to reject the neurostimulator but that sentence haunts me. Sure you can argue that my body was still doing what was natural, rejecting something it thought that shouldn't be there, but yeah nope not flying with me right now....

And then there's the typical way people respond when anything bad happens in life. They try to keep you positive and let me tell you it drives me INSANE right now! (Yeah see told ya, it's not me in this body right now) I can't stand it! No I'm not going to let this be a forever pity party but for the love of God can people just let me feel the way I'm supposed to right now? Me not being all sunshine and rainbows right now is NORMAL in my situation. It's also HEALTHY instead of bottling up which will just make at least 3 other illnesses I have flare up. For real though, stress can do some crazy stuff to your body even when you're perfectly healthy.

I'm not saying that you can't try to cheer me up, I'm just saying stop trying to tell me how to feel or act or whatever. To cheer me up send me cute and funny videos or pictures on Facebook or something, talk to me, offer to spend some time with me. Let me decide what to do.

And with that, if I oddly answer your "how are you feeling?" Question it's because I'm tired of saying I'm hanging in there or I'm ok or some other kinda true but still total BS line. So many people use that line to start a convo, sometimes it's hard to tell who's just trying to start a convo or who's really checking in on me. And even then, we spoonies tend to shield yall from the uncomfortableness that comes with an honest answer which I am so done with right now. So if I blindly look at you and spit out some random words, just accept it. Even if I was ok with talking about how I truly feel, it's not something I want to talk about currently.

I'm so broken beyond repair you guys it's ridiculous right now. When my neurosurgeon told me I was irritated by my stitches I just busted out laughing because nothing can surprise me at this point. I'm already KO on the floor but I'm still getting hit. So I'm just laying here taking it, waiting for it to stop. The upside is I can't get any lower. (Woo i said something positive!)

I make the effort to be how I've been lately. Why? Part of it is for me and as much as I hate to admit it, part of it is for those around me. If yall see me making an effort maybe yall won't worry as much. If I make the effort, maybe I'll get back to bring myself. So if I continue doing the things I would normally do or were working on before everything happened, maybe I'll find myself standing back up in the process

Which brings me to a semi-random thought, why the hell aren't we more open and honest about the crap going on in our lives? Why do we feel like we just have to share the happy moments on social media? Why can't we be real with ourselves and others? I'm not saying let's let all the skeletons out of the closet but that outfit you hardly ever put on deserves to be worn more and who cares what people think it's an awesome outfit. We're so afraid to be accused of being a drag, negative, dramatic, or even throwing ourselves a pity party that we block the real crap we're dealing from our social media. And when people do, we look down on them which I'm sure some of yall are doing to me right now.
Why are we scrolling through pages envying other's life and not reaching out to people to help us get there? Why are we so afraid of getting help of any sort? We're human! We are social animals and social animals don't do EVERYTHING on their own. We are made to lean on each other and like everything there's a balance. There is such thing as being too independent.

Sorry that random part was written a few days ago while I was still drugged but I still stand by it. This might be the libra in me, but life is about balance and at least from my experience, it's also being honest with ourselves. But a lot of the times we end up dealing with things in an unhealthy way. We numb ourselves by having several drinks so we don't have to think about our feelings, or we bottle them up which notice it or not, does affect you, maybe not right away but it does at some point, you may not notice it but people around you will. Out mental health is just as important as our physical, we need to learn how to properly take care of our mental health and say screw it to the stigma.

I have been in and out of therapy since a year after I got sick thanks to the whole "she's a teenager so she must be stressed out" crap that you deal with being a teen with undiagnosed problems in a children hospital. I often compare my therapist as a friend with an outside view that you see at least once a week who shuts up and lets you talk about your problems and you know what? It's freaking amazing. I've been able to understand not only the way I think. process, and deal with things but others. Sure in my opinion it kinda makes things difficult, I find myself understanding where the person I'm upset with might be coming from but it always sets the light bulb off in my head. No, I don't lay down and get poked and prodded about what's going on in my life, nor am I forced to talk about things I don't want to talk about. And if you are seeing a therapist who do those things and it's not helping you, I highly recommend finding a new therapist.

Anyways, that's my health update and ramble/rant! Thanks for reading

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  1. You are absolutely right girlie life is so hard right now and we should definitely be more honest with ourselves and on social media I know we didn't know each other much in high school but I am really sorry that this is happening to you and I truly hope that it gets better and you can start enjoying your young life( even though idk if you feel the same but I feel older the aches and pains are starting and the aging of our bodies are really happening) but I wish I was there to help you and be a friend but now I've moved and live pretty far away from Texas now.. Feel better and know that someone took time to hear you out. < krysta