Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pinterest review: "Soft Peanut Butter Cookies" by Rachel Schultz

So earlier this week my dad mention that he's be craving peanut butter cookies. I giggled because I was too. The problem was we lost our normal recipe awhile back and ever since then been experimenting with recipes. So I looked on my Pinterest and found Rachel Schultz (click on her name to go to her blog) recipe. So let's get started!

Here is what Rachel's cookies look like

 And here are ours

They both look a lot alike which was a good and promising sign! Then, we tried them and oh my goodness we're they amazing... Even my dog got in on some peanut butter cookie action! The only downside is they're messy a little messy. The cookie falls apart but is totally worth the softness!
Then I had some today, obviously it's best fresh out of the oven but unless you can eat 24 cookies in one sitting, you're going to have leftovers. That being said they taste just as good with or without milk. The only thing that changed is there's a little salt after taste. Now, I know some people like their peanut butter cookies to be more natural or salty, if so this recipe is for you! If not, then I suggest maybe adding a little extra sugar or cut out the salt. Also, according to a comment on her blog if you use 2 eggs instead of one it'll stay together better and not be crumbly. But other than that this was a pinterest success!

And here's Rachel's recipe make sure to check out her blog and thank her for sharing!

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