Monday, January 28, 2013

A typical young adult thought...

That sums up how i'm feeling right now... Tempted to go into things that is easy money to get me by but not really wanting to unless I'm really desperate... And then I think about college and how I need to save up for that but I also need a car.... 
From that I think what do I want to do/major in. Yes my dream is to do Art therapy but i'm trying to be realistic too... And the problem I always have is i love everything I try to do that I have so many options instead of narrowing it down... which gets frustrating... There's also the problem of trying to be realistic but not settling for less... I still have the dream of being a marine bilogist so I can live and breathe nothing but dolphins at work. 

I know people go through what i'm going through all the time with so much uncertaincy but man can it bug the crap out of someone!!

Sorry I needed to vent. Aly out!

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