Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ok tottally screwed up the name there so yeah... anyway.. moving on
 Sunday is ALWAYS the most exciting yet grusome day for A-teamers. It feels like DAYS waiting on campers to come. You're also anxious as a small group leader, are my kids going to like me, do they want to be here, will they share... all kinds of questions run through your mind. But slowly, campers come car by car and get bombarded by a teamers being loud and crazy. We pull you out your car along with all your stuff. Yeah, sounds scary, it is to some people but my camper year it wasn't scary at all. Then again the people who attacked me i knew over half of them.
     We all gather and get to know each other till dinner. We make our name button and just hang out. Now, I have to mention this just because it's the most hillarious thing ever but... some of the a-team guys were trying to move this tower of lemonade from the carrier to a table... mega fail.. by mega i mean... the whole container fell on the floor and left this HUGEEEE puddle on the floor. Yes. It was VERY hillarious, one of those you had to be there moments.
    So we attacked pizza... i myself ate... 8... yes 8... i was hungry... I got to show off my wicked chick-fil-a skills by once they made new lemonade i was pouring them 2 at a time. Yeah buddy! lol. The evening continued and we did some praise and worship, introductions, run through of camp. We also got to meet our small groups and pick a name (Team JesUS) Then we head to bed because a long week is ahead of us.

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