Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 1- Team JesUS

Yeah... no creative title today... So I failed to mention info about my small group. in total there are 7 of us. My adult who happened to be the seminarian, myself, 3 girls and 2 boys that were campers. All of them besides one girl were all entering sophomores and the other girl a freshman in college just like me. A typical problem at CFW is that the campers absolutely did not want to be there but we didn't have that problem... some of them were sooooo excited to be there and the rest were just chill, not excited but we didn't have to drag them around lol. My group decided to name ourselves Team JesUS because of the olympics were at the time still going on and because ya know Jesus and US as a group yeah.. self explanitory. It was pretty ironic that my first small group at cfw followed my camper year schedule except the last two days.
    Getting back on track, we woke up, got ready and headed downstairs for breakfast. We taught everyone one of our crazy fun prayers than ate. Next we had some praise and worship then had our daily skit that focused on the piece of the our father for the day. After, it was time for mass. Being a eucharstic minister i still saw people kinda going through the motions and just kinda be like yeah i'm here ok whatever i'm suppose to do this this and this. Which I don't look down on because we all have times where we aren't fully there spiritually or we just do a routine. Anyways, mass ended then we got in our small groups and headed to our site for the day.
    Our site was the Boys and Girls Club. Everyone was real excited to go. Once we got in there the site coordinators got a feel for the area, talked to us, then we all head in. For awhile I was hanging out with boys that were entereing the 2nd grade. Now this day was probably my roughest... As some of you know i have crohnic migraines/headaches well midway through I started getting one real bad. And lately, they for some reason make me so tired. So here I am playing mancala with this 8 year old girl now falling asleep like i'm some 80 year old... I felt so bad but the kids saw that I wasn't feeling good and let me be which was sweet. I did although had two little girls get attached to me which is always bittersweet becaue you feel wanted but it makes you dread the goodbye even more.Our day at our work site came to and end and we all said our goodbyes. We then headed to showers and back to the church we were staying at. Until dinner we have free time there was tons of stuff we could do. The basement was their youth area so there were pool tables, ping pong, foosball, an area just to chill at tables or couches. Plus we always had some kind of music going whether its live or someones itunes.
    Now, at camp you learn some crazy things and this years would have to be the game called pteradyctal. What you do is sit in a circle and go around saying pteradyctal, easy right? Well here's the catch, you can't show your teeth at all or you're out. You can change the direction of the circle by squawking. It sounds like a stupid game and it probably is but is tons of fun. I for one, am horrible at it because there was one camper named.. let's go with James that would always make me laugh even when we weren't playing the game. Heck, on the last day while we can can in one of our songs he kicked like rockett! I was dying of laghter at that point!
   Dinner time came and I still wasn't feeling the greatest. After dinner I remembered climbing up the stairs and all the suddent started seeing spots. I lied on my bed for a little bit and was feeling better so i just stayed in bed. I would wake up off and on but just fell back to sleep. And didn't wake up till the next day. When I realized this i felt so bad but everyone was so understanding. I was suppose to lead night prayer but one of my a-team girls had my back (thanks L.)

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