Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 2- Feeling wanted

    So I ended my last post camp fort worth post with me not feeling well and sleeping until the next day. Well when I woke up all the girls in my room started asking me how i felt i thought this was sweet but didn't think much of it because they were in my room. I made my way downstairs where everyone was gathering for breakfast and got asked numerous times how I was feeling. This made me feel good inside. You see, in my day to day life everyone is so use to me not feeling good that its whatever. Not many people check on me when they see I'm not feeling good or made a trip to the hospital. Or if they do its to my parents so i really don't feel noticed.
   This started to make me realize that I am noticed and that God did have me there for a reason.

     We had breakfast and went to mass and let me tell you wow was it amazing! Everyone was moved, our campers were more into mass, the people who went to daily mass were in awe how close we were and the beauty of us prasing our Lord. Mass ended and my group and I set out for Mission Arlington. Mission Arlington is a Christian based Salvation Army pretty much. Clients go through a process and before they get what they need they are prayed over. After, they have 15 mins in this store like place to grabw whatever clothing they need. All clothing is already hung on hangers and organized by gender and somewhat on size. Then, they have a few mins in another room to recieve whatever odd things they need like plates, decorations, bed stuff, etc. After, they go to where the food is and recieve food. First half of the day i worked in the store. We would remove empty hangers, add more clothes, and help the customers. The second half I spent in this huge room filled with boxes after boxes of clothes. We woould just simply go through boxes and put them on hangers. Being that it was summer if we ran into any winter clothes we would put them in a trash bag to be held in storage till it got cooler.

    As usual we headed to showers then went back to the church and hung out. Our night activity was the living rosary. Basically instead of using a rosary we made a rosary out of candles. A candle for each bead. But before that the campers get to have some quiet time with God and journal.

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