Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Breaking News!!

I am VERY happy to announce that today I had my last therapy session with my rape counselor! What does that mean? (besides the obvious) I am able to cope with what has happened to me  to a point where my therapist and I feel therapy is no longer needed AT THIS TIME. Now I stress AT THIS TIME because later down the road something can trigger new problems. They don't call it a relapse, because its a new situation, new time. I recently have had time to reflect on my progress and I have to admit, I am SO proud of myself. I once feared of sleep. I would fight it, it wasn't that I didn't want to sleep it was that I knew I would start dreaming about my rapes and I didn't want to. So I would do almost anything to stay awake. And if or when I fell asleep after waking up from a nightmare I fought it even more. But now, I don't fear sleep and so much more. Quick update but just had to share the news!

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