Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Body's Betrayal

    Ok the title of this post kinda made me laugh because my body has been betraying me since I was 12 but I couldn't think of anything else..

For those of you who don't know, my neurostimulator- the device that has helped control my chronic pain IMMENSELY, is being rejected by my body. Which means I have to have it taken out. The upside is, after we let my body recover I will be put on anti-rejection meds and we'll get it implanted again and hopefully, all would be good.

But despite all that, this has been a huge blow to us all. I mean, it's pretty obvious that this has affected my parents and me but it has also been a huge blow to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Which for some reason, is kinda surprising, even my closest friends broke down when I told them the news.

I think deep down inside I somehow knew something serious was going on but everyone else around me wasn't as concerned so I just went with them. But then my pain got worse and what was once 2 open wounds became 1 and that really caught my attention.

I know some of yall might be thinking why did it take so long to come to this, well first, it was the holidays, scheduling doctors appointments around the holidays is really difficult for some reason, all doctors are just booked up. And then, it was because we were giving antibiotics a chance to work to rule out an infection. Oh, and because of all my illnesses we knew I would heal much more slowly so since there weren't any other signs at the time we just thought I was healing much slower than we all originally believed.

So how am I feeling? Oh gosh where do I begin? I hear "I can't believe this is happening," "I can't imagine how you must feel," "I'm so sorry" so much and it's true. I mean, my parents and I don't even know how to feel or what I feel. It's just a continuous flood of emotions with moments of numbness. My depression has obviously gotten a lot worse, in all honesty since seeing my doctor I've been mainly sleeping. When I'm awake I'm trying not to cry. It's a mixture of emotional and physical pain. 
I'm angry, I think this is unfair but I want something to be angry at. I don't blame God and yeah sure this is life but I want something to specific to be angry at but all I can think of is my body and that sounds pretty stupid. 

I wish I could workout because before I fell ill when I had all these emotions stuck inside I would just workout really hard and it'll help release everything. But I can't do that unless I wanna be in the ER or hospital... 
Oh and to top all of this off I'm battling a cough/cold haha yeah I just can't win right now... 
There's been a lot of questioning right now... Am I doomed to just suffer the rest of my life, should I just do what I did before and do my best to ignore all my symptoms and try to live the life I want? And what the heck is God trying to do in my life right now? 
I'm frustrated because I don't know the answers to the questions I have right now. I mean, I know I shouldn't just try to push through because after doing that for a little over a year I became home bound/bed ridden for so far, 2 years and counting.
I'm confused because I see other people with disabilities and illnesses defying the odds and yet I can barely last a day without a nap. It makes me feel worthless but then I see the amazing and crazy amount of support I'm getting and that silence those doubts. Which btw, what took yall so long?!?! I knew I had support but for the most part, it was very silent most the time. 

I don't understand, for the most part I believe I'm a good person and it upsets me that I and other good people in the world are dealt a pretty shitty deck of cards. Despite never giving up, busting our ass and staying positive we hardly get anywhere. I know it sounds childish but it's just not fair... 
I was, finally able to try and make my life the way I wanted it to be. I had plans I was putting into action, I started physical therapy, was reaching out to people to hang out with and get out of the house, etc. But then it came to a screeching hault and now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do again.
I've been going crazy being stuck at home! 2 years of hardly getting out the house really gets to a person who loves being around people.
So anyways this is where I'm at right now, I was hoping 2016 would be my year and who knows, maybe it still will be and Januaray just isn't my month. I just want to thank everyone for their love and support. The best thing yall can do right is just show me you're there. If you're friends with me on facebook shower me with cute and funny videos or memes or start a convo with me and try to distrat me from the hell I'm dealing with. If I need anything else I'll let yall know.


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