Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why I'm open-minded, yet opinionated.

Art by: Paul Foreman
   Recently I've been receiving a lot of person feedback on a personal trait I'm very proud to have. People highly respect my ability to listen to people of opposite views, understand, but still stand by my point of view.

     Now obviously a lot of opinions are based on religious views be it Christian, Agnostic, or Atheist, people can't help but be tied by some form of religious view or by a personal issue in my opinion. I grew up as a Catholic so most of my views are obviously based on that but to a degree. I realize we live in the 21st century, as a society we have many flaws as an un-perfect world should be and so, we can not expect everyone to have the same views. That being said as a Catholic when it comes to gay marriage, yes, they should not be able to get married. But as a young woman in the 21st century, I believe it should be legalized but they should not make a Christian church or a Muslim Temple perform the ceremony because their religion is against it.

     It is because of my acceptance to our flawed world I believe, that I am able to accept other' views and where there is acceptance there is understanding. Now apparently this was something I was always able to do for the longest time minus understanding. The understanding happened once I gained more life experience. Obviously I'm not going to stand there and listen to someone who's point is "because I said so" but if someone has a logical point I'm all ears. If anything, I'm fascinated by it. I want to understand it more but never to change my point of views. Now, obviously my views have changed over time, I thought at one point gays shouldn't be allowed to marry period. But then I heard the stories and did some logical and even emotional thinking.

     I realize as a 20 year old woman it may be surprising that my views haven't changed and you may think it's because I am around people of like minds but surprisingly, I'm not. I went to a "second-chance" high school due to my health where I was surrounded by people who were pregnant, have been in trouble with the law and kicked out of regular school. Yes, I did work for a christian-based fast food chain for a year, but a year after that I worked at a store in the mall that was very.. spiritual. We sold crystals, dream catchers, zodiac jewelry and various religious items along with non religious items. My friends who I hang out with varies from very scientific views, agnostic, atheist, and even, I really don't care/have an opinion.

Anyways, what do yall think? How are you able to deal with different point of views? Let me know what you think!

P.S. Sorry if I make no sense, I'm currently not feeling well still so if this is a bunch of nonsense I apologize!

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