Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spoonie Workouts!

Disclaimer: I'm NOT a doctor or personal trainer. I'm just a spoonie who knows her body. Please be careful when working out it's better to take it light then working out too hard and making yourself worst!

Note: I did NOT create these exercise. They are workouts I found online/through pinterest. Therefore it did not take me to the original source. If this is your material let me know and I will put credit to your picture. 

Here are some exercise plans if you don't know where to start!
The link to the Hip Flexor Stretches I was talking about!

These are light impact exercises you can do while in bed/getting ready! 

With this one I would suggest starting off with one kind and then slowly add on. (It'll also help you remember what each commercial should be)
Or if you're watching a show on Netflix you can search for workouts for that show. I know Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory has some. If not make one up!

I find this exercise very easy to do. If you're stuck in bed or at home you can break this up to each time you get up!

Don't be afraid to adjust workouts! If 30 jumping jacks are too much do 5-10-15!

or try a 30 day challenge!

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