Monday, April 28, 2014

Coming out on the other side... slowly

Hey yall! Well if you follow me on instagram (@alyfilipino) yall know today I've FINALLY started to feel "human" today. I have some (keyword there) energy and being super stubborn grinning and baring my pain not taking my pain meds.

Also on instagram I'm getting in touch with people who suffer similar if not the same chronic/invisible illnesses as I do and I'm amazed! We all live in different states let alone countries but we unite as one. There's always someone online that you can talk to. To those spoonies reading this I thank you! I've been going through a rougher time as many of you know and having unconditional support and not just the typical "feel better" or "hang in there" I get from non-spoonies (no offense yall) I get "I'm right there with you and we'll get through this TOGETHER"

I know some of yall are thinking, "but what about me?" all I can say is I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart but it's different when people are literally in your shoes than supporting. I know it may feel like you're going through it just as much as I am but again it's different.

But back to business! I've been having problems with my sleep schedule I'm on a completely opposite schedule than what's "normal" which has been frustrating.  Saturday I woke up at 10pm and wasn't able to sleep till 11-12pm SUNDAY. I have no idea why this happens sometimes but it most the time gets my sleep schedule on track but when I wake up I have a migraine from hell.. I woke up sunday night around 9pm?? Hung out, ate with the family, took my rescue medicine for my migraine and went back to sleep at midnight; slept off and on till 5pm today (Monday) because I'm just exhausted and have a pain med "hangover"

But since I've been up I'm managing and feeling "human" Tomorrow I meet with my pain management doctor which some of my doctors and now even me are concerned about. Apparently most pain doctor's first plan of attack is narcotics.
  1. Narcotics most the time can cause constipation which I already suffer from so that will make me worst
  2. There's something called Narcotic Bowel Syndrome which in a nutshell means not only does it make my stomach problems worst but also the narcotic medication doesn't help at all
  3. A 20 year old on constant narcotic is just a recipe for disaster because well people get addicted to it
  4. I HATE the way narcotics make me feel even though I seem to be immuned to it somewhat  Narcotics = a big no no
With that being said when I saw a pain doctor at the Mayo Clinic they gave me a steroid injection via ultrasound so we're going to be persistent saying NO to narcotics and YES to pain injection. We also are getting a referral to see my surgeon again because my dad believes I have my adhesions again which is causing my pain. So hopefully afterwards I will be back in either tolerable pain mode where I can act like I'm in no pain or be pain free! 

Last week I also saw my psychologist and was point blank that I'm going through a rougher time. She noticed that I had a dry mouth and asked about what meds are new and discover I'm taking 3 meds that can make my mouth dry and other neuro problems so she's changing my meds sorta. You see, treatment for migraines and other neuro are low dosage of depression/anxiety meds. So we're cutting out my depression med and increasing a med I was using for migraines that will now double up as migraine and depression treatment. 

Well that's all I can think of for now! Hope everyone is hanging in there!

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