Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oh hey you're here!

So I'm restless and got some stuff on my mind so if you're here, I guess you're gonna listen!
2 basketball teams stayed at out hotel for a tournament that happened starting Wednesday, when they left they gave us a godr card and a lady wrote us a card and had "beauty from ashes" within it. And my mind has been stuck on it since.
Which I guess is very true sure we got dust and ashes currently but at the end of these several months we'll have a "new" house but you have the restlessness of new environment (for everyone including dog) new schedule, figuring out your "space" etc. We're definitely roughing it but we had a slightly beautiful moment last night all of us squished in one bed finishing up a movie my dad put on.
But it's like yeah life happens, it gets rough, soot and smoke get on EVERYTHING but if you have a good foundation, which includes being able to laugh with those people life becomes a little more easier.
Oh and insurance with restoration deal or whatever is going on in that realm is AMAZING just having then to pack up the house itself has been a huge stress relief on all of us I feel.
I love you all and look for links on how to help on our socials

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