Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spoonie Workouts Update!

This is a continuation of Spoonie Workouts part 1 so if you're new here (welcome) and are wanting to learn about Spoonie workouts check out that page first.

Note: I did NOT create these exercise. They are workouts I found online/through pinterest. Therefore it did not take me to the original source. If this is your material let me know and I will put credit to your picture. 

I failed to post one workout I discovered on pinterest. This is one I believe most of us can do even during a flare and here it is

So my workouts have been inconstant which is normal at the beginning of starting. A combination of finding motivation and how I'm feeling factors into this. (other people might include time but I'm home bound right now so really time isn't an issue) Here's how my work outs been going.

Day 1 I started on April 10th I did 20 squats, 10 crunches, 10 leg raises and a 45 second plank.
Afterwards I felt pretty good was a little winded since my body has an issue with change of position and muscle wise my upper legs were sore that was about it

Day 2 was on April 15th because due to stress of having my dad gone on a retreat I believe my pain got worst and plus my passing out spells got really really bad and didn't want to risk my safety. (your safety is ALWAYS number one it's OK if you don't workout or do less than you did the previous day(s))
I walked 1/4 of a mile because my dad works at our church and my mom and i went to visit him. If you're a spoonie you completely understand that this is in fact a workout and not a warm up. I also did a 50 sec plank and 20 crunches. Afterwards I felt pretty amazing but the next day I didn't workout cuz socializing and walking around wore me out, again another thing only spoonies will understand.

Day 3 was April 17th I was in a really determined mood I again had a 1/4 mile walk to my dad's work, 60 second plank, 20 squats, 20 lying "Y" raises and 30 crunches. The only complaint I had was soreness from the squats other than that I felt pretty good

Day 4 was April 18th I did 2 different variations of hip flexor stretches, 10 sit-ups, 10 "girl" push-ups, and 15 lying "Y" raises. I was surprised that I was able to do the sit-ups and push-ups so i was satisfied with myself.

Day 5 was April 19th (three days in a row yay!!) I did 25 squats, 15 leg raises and 30 crunches. The only complaint again were my legs thanks to squats also was a little winded from it.

     So just to reiterate for spoonies we need to focus on our core and our posture because being stuck in bed can pretty much destroy them. The hip flexors can help with our core and "muffin top" the video I discovered and use is on my part 1 post. I do mine a little different because I can feel the stretch better I'll post a video on my youtube page of how I do it.

     As far as posture goes I'm still doing my research on that along with learning about yoga. If of my readers, spoonie or not knows about any of these or want to offer help please contact me!

So my spoonies are any of yall going to try and join me? The fact of the matter is we know our bodies best. We know when our body are up for a challenge and when our bodies aren't having it at all. If all you can do is just a few crunches and nothing else that's fine! Or only do 5 crunches,  5 leg raises and 5 "girl" push-ups that's fine! If you can only do what would be considered stretching or a warm up to other people or when you were younger that's fine! All that matters is you're trying, You are doing this for YOU and no one else. Don't make this something you dread like taking your meds, I'm not going to say it's gonna be the best thing ever but it'll be easier to find some motivation if you don't feel like you're going through living hell.

Remember don't forget to use #spoonieworkouts on instagram and follow me @alyfilipino. Stay strong my spoonie brothers and sisters! Together we got this!

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