Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drunk Gummy Bears

So I recently went to Fort Hood to spend the weekend with my brother for his birthday. We both wanted to try drunk gummy bears. This is a viral pin with many different "recipes" so I do not have an original link

so i love gummy bears and we thought this would be awesome to have.... With that being said here's ours

We used regular Smirnoff Vodka. My first recommendation, used FLAVORED vodka. Heck used flavored boose of your choice! I would suggest sticking to fruit since gummy bears are a fruit type snack. The down fall of using straight vodka is you taste every last bit of it while you chew the gummy bear.... not that tasty.... this is why I recommend FLAVORED boose
There are no "set" directions on this but if you wanted to try this I recommend:
     1. make this at least a day in advance. It takes time for the gummy bears to absorb the liquid since it's in the fridge

   . 2. PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE! And keep it there unless you are planning to eat them. My brother's finacee had a bag in her purse and the day after it was this guey mess inside the zip lock bag.

    3. TAKE THEM OUT THE FRIDGE an HOUR minimum before you want to indulge in these yummy goodness. Cold makes the gummy bears hard so unless you want to do a lot of chewing do this

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