Friday, August 3, 2012

what i have to say about chickfila

the media is the one that is making it big... dan cathy made his comment 2 years ago when asked what he thought about gay marriage. he said he believes in what the bible says a marriage is and thats a man and woman. the gay lessbian bi transgender group just recently made a big deal about it. the only big deal to them is part of the money at the OWNER of all chickfila goes to a group who is antigay. which is yes a bad thing i agree. to me that is the only bad thing about the whole situation.
the only reason its so big is honestly because its a christian thing... its like everyone in the world can have their opinions but us. we get attacked for the way we believe... like with being pro life... or even in schools. muslims are allowed to wear their head scarf but some places has made it against school rules to wear a purity ring. ( a ring saying 
youre saving sex for marriage)
honestly, there are bigger things to worry about. like with the hss mandate. making catholic health care provide birth control available when its AGINST our religious belief (wheres the freedom there?)
and i saw a friend ppost a pict of a chickfila and under it said "when was the last time you saw this many people standing in line at a soup kitchen to help" its so true. as christians we're not only suppose to grow in faith and defend it but HELP those in need. and part of it is people are judging gays when they have NO right.
people need to learn to hate the sin love the sinner. theres a story in the bible that talks about you cant point out a speck in someone elses eye if you have a whole tree in yours.
the catholic church believes ANY sexual act before marriage is wrong gay, straight, bi, etc. and in the catholic church a marriage is between a man and woman so they can bond together as one and create life if god plans to do so through them.
and one more thing to think about, how do you get treated when you come to chickfila? we try to treat everyone the same regardless. even if youre that customer who gets on our nerves or we havent slept and are grumpy. we give you that southern hospitality and try to go out of our way so you can enjoy your meal. theres no rule to not serve those who have opposing opinions of us. and yes. i do know people who are gay, lesbian, or bi. and i love them dearly. i dont judge because i have my own faults. i have a friend who has a girlfriend and she and her girlfiend have come into our store. she is happy. and thats all that matters. im not saying im for gay marriage because honestly im not. yes theres adopition etc just like any straight couple would try to do if they cant have kids or just wanted to

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